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Open canoe coaching in  Poole Harbour and the River frome

Learn to canoe weekends in Poole Harbour £150pp

Have you ever wanted to head out on a canoeing adventure with a loaded canoe to spend a weekend travelling a river and camping ? Would you love to learn more about the canoe strokes used to get you along your way in style and with finese ? What ever your reason you will have a fun time learning on the river and out into poole Harbour.

I have created a weekend Canoeing course starting on the River Frome in Wareham allow you to learn while being in the safety of a sheltered river. From the River Frome we will head out into Poole Harbour on day 2.

Day 1 9.30am-3.30pm We will meet at Wareham quay where you will spend the day learning all the fundimental skills as a tandem canoe I will coach you on the paddle strokes such as forwards,Backwards, sideways and turning on the move. All theses skills will make your adventures more fun and you will be more efficient on the water.

There will be the opportunity to look at what happens when you capsize and how to deal with it and towing both vital skills when heading off on the water. I would recommend buying a wetsuit if you dont have one already.

Day 2 9.30am-3.30pm Poole Harbour . There are various locations to enter Poole harbour and we wil decide on thre location due to wind and tide conditions on the Saturday . We will head out for a days journeying with all your new skills to explore this great Harbour including Brownsea island. During day 2 you will get to experience canoe sailing in a rafted set up which is great fun.

You will need to bring suitable clothing for the conditions on both days and food and drink for the day. I would recommend bring a flask of hot drink .

H2oadventures supplys all the canoeing equipment for this course. There is 4 places for this course so please book early to avoid disapointment call steven on 07735582663 with any questions.

Canoe coaching in Poole Harbour

Would you love to glide around on the water effortlessly in your canoe ?


Would you love to gain the knowledge and confidence to head out on your own adventures in your canoe? 


Would you love to head out for a trip in Poole Harbour and learn some great canoeing skills ?

H2oadventures can tailor a bespoke canoe coaching course to suit your requirements in both solo and tandem pairs. We have a fleet of Hou prospector canoes which are great for full day adventures across lake and rivers loaded up with all your gear for the day . 

Poole Harbour is over 14 square miles giving us pleny of locations to work from allowing us to work on a range of skills with you. Such locations as Bramble bush bay Studland, Lake pier in Poole, Rockley park, Arne and we can launch from Wareham on the River Frome and canoe down to Poole harbour. 

Canoeing skills

What ever your skill level we have canoe coaches to match your needs here are some of the skills you can learn. 

  • Fundimental skills including Forwards strokes, Reverse strokes, Sideways strokes, Stopping strokes.

  • Turning on the move

  • open water crossing

  • Canoe sailing both rafted and solo

  • Poling

  • Tandem canoeing skills