1 Hour Trip £15pp
Come to Windsor and enjoy the wonders on the River Thames with family and friends. Hire a  kayak or canoe and explore the hidden rivers along the Thames and experience the best view of Windsor castle. Without the hassle of bringing all your own kayaking equipment. You will be met at the public slipway next to Windsor Leisure center. To Hire please call 07735582663, Steven@H2oadventures.co.uk BOOK NOW2017_0823_20332400jpg

HALF DAY £40 per kayak/canoe
Make your kayaking/canoeing experience a little more relaxing and take your time enjoying the beautiful surroundings of Windsor and beyond. Start from Hurley, Cookham, Windsor, Old WIndsor. Why not bring along a picnic and stop on the river bank or make the most of your extra time to explore even further. You could make it to Runnymead for lunch if you gave it some real effort. To Hire please call 07735582663 or Steven@H2oadventures.co.uk  BOOK NOW2017_0815_15341400jpg
FULL DAY £55 per kayak/Canoe
With a full day to enjoy why not start planning trips further a field or even challenge yourself to paddle the length of the Thames over a series of weeks. This can be great for Team building events corporate days for staff and even charity events.
                        Suggested Routes
Windsor to Chertsey
Windsor to Runnymead and back
Cookham to Windsor
Caversham to Windsor ( For the Brave) 12 hours 
Chertsey to Teddington.

While I can suggest routes its completely in your own hands. If you want to make a weekend of it why not camp at the many sites along the Thames. H2oadventures can Hire the camping equipment for £35 per 2 people. Kayaks and Canoes can be dropped off at your chosen location prices dependant on location. To Hire Please call 07735582663 or email Steven@H2oadventures.co.uk BOOK NOW2017_0823_20101300jpg